Want the best golf putting green available on the planet for your home, resort, hotel, condo,
or golf facility? Look no further…Southwest-Nicklaus Design Greens is the answer. Southwest
Greens is proud to announce the evolution of its strategic relationship with Nicklaus Design
to incorporate professional design expertise into ALL putting greens installed by Southwest
Greens team of certified and trained franchise dealers. An integrated design process has been
established between the two companies to efficiently distribute Nicklaus Design created green
design specifications on a common CAD platform that all Southwest Greens dealers
participating in the new program now enjoy. Custom features particular to your particular
jobsite can be incorporated into the green design specifications using our CAD program.
Precise dimension, slope, elevation, contour and area data is laid out for our discerning
customers to review their green design prior to installation through our professional design
process. Southwest Greens professional trained installers will then build your green to the
design specification so you are insured of a quality job worthy of bearing the Golden Bear logo.

Did I mention Golden Bear? We went a step further by developing an exclusive, Golden Bear
synthetic turf, available only to Southwest Greens for installing its Southwest-Nicklaus Design
Greens. This new turf product features a unique putting surface that is capable of accepting
golf shots from 150 yards out and still putt like the finest greens at your local country club.
A unique fringe turf product is also available that adds to the realistic look and performance
top golfers expect in a top quality golf green. bearing the Golden Bear logo.

Be sure to ask your local Southwest Greens franchise dealer about the Nicklaus Design program
and Golden Bear turf products for more detailed information. Choose the Best in Design, Best
in Turf, and Best in Installation with Southwest-Nicklaus Design Greens!