We all know how difficult and costly it is to maintain natural tee lines and tee boxes in golf courses due to the frequent use of these areas. Southwest Greens’ Ultimate Tees maintain the natural look of the tee, while adding maximum durability, all at a fraction of the maintenance cost associated with natural tee lines. Furthermore, mats used in most practice facilities and driving ranges use rubber tees that do not provide the feel of a natural tee. With Southwest Greens’ tee lines, players can place regular golf tees directly into the hitting surface, enabling a truer feel when making contact with the ball.

Did I mention Golden Bear? We went a step further by developing an exclusive, Golden Bear
synthetic turf, available only to Southwest Greens for installing its Southwest-Nicklaus Design
Greens. This new turf product features a unique putting surface that is capable of accepting
golf shots from 150 yards out and still putt like the finest greens at your local country club.
A unique fringe turf product is also available that adds to the realistic look and performance
top golfers expect in a top quality golf green. bearing the Golden Bear logo.

Call us today and discover why some of the most elite golf facilities in the world have insisted on installing Southwest Greens Ultimate Tees.